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10 Countries Offering Residency or Citizenship by Investment


Citizenship programs have been set in place for the advantage of both the host country and the wealthy investors. Aside from the massive benefits for investors seeking residency or citizenship the country grows economically. Two routes are available to gain a golden via, which is residency through investment which leads to citizenship or direct citizenship through investment.

10 top EU countries offering residency or citizenship by investment:

When you want to gain direct citizenship by investment in Europe you can opt for Cyprus or Malta. In Europe, these countries are the only two offering citizenship programs. Other countries offer residency by investment followed by citizenship. Other countries offer either citizenship or residency to wealthy individuals via an investment.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a quick two-month process with two investment option of either GBP 2 million tier 1 investment or entrepreneurs visa or GBP 200, 000.


Portugal offers two options of €500, 00 property investment in Lisbon and outside Lisbon a €350,000 and a processing time of three months


The residency by investment in Spain requires a €500, 000 with citizenship after 10 years.


Ireland’s investment for residency is 1 million Euros with citizenship after five years.


To become a resident of Belgium an investment of €350, 000 must be paid to the government for a residency. After 5 years investors become a citizen with free movement in Schengen states and the EU.


Malta is very popular with more than one option. Direct citizenship by investment and residency program for a Malta Golden Visa.


In Cyprus investors also have an option for either direct citizenship by investment or residency by investment. For the residency or Golden Visa, a €300, 000 investments are required while direct citizenship by investment cost 2 million Euros.


Residency by investment in the Netherlands is an amount of €1, 250, 000 with citizenship after a five-year period.


The Monaco golden visa costs investors 1 million Euros with citizenship after ten years.


The residency by investment in Italy is €500, 000 for business, or one million Euros in public interest programs or Government Bonds to the value or 2 million Euros. Citizenship is granted after a 10-year period.

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