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About Us

Caribbean, North America, and European Governments launched an opportunity to businesses and wealthy individuals to immigrate through investment. İt is aimed at those who seek a second nationality with an accompanying passport or overseas residency.

This immigration by investment programs is called “golden visas”. Foreign investors are offered multiple pathways to either obtain citizenship or permanent residency. The programs were set in place by individual governments for the enhancement of their own local economic growth via direct foreign investments.

There are many reasons why applicants want an alternative citizenship or residency, including international tax planning, better quality of life, opportunity, security, etc. Any Foreign investor must meet qualifying conditions, which differ from one country to another.

Proof of health insurance and no criminal record are two requirements aside from financial means. Each country has its own due diligence process and we welcome you to contact us to assist you. We are licensed and accredited to provide legal services and practice immigration law in our represented jurisdictions.

We have associated attorneys with a physical presence in the countries represented. Offering services to individuals, families, and corporations they are available for in-person meetings, via email or telephone.

Services Provided Include

Immigration Consultancy

To answer why anyone would need immigration consultancy, we point out several EU countries and shortly what the main requirements are.

Property Consultancy

We are the experts in golden visa citizenship and residency and know which countries only allow citizenship through government bonds or other investment types.

Investment Consultancy

European countries offer citizenship by investment to non-EU residents through various investment opportunities.

Throughout the service consultancy offered we:

  • Consult with you regarding all aspects of country program involved
  • Before filing your application, we advise you on probability of success
  • Prepare and vet any required documentation on your behalf
  • Guide you with requirements of supporting documentation
  • Provide you with pre-immigration tax and legal advice
  • Liaise and correspond with target government authorities during your application process
  • Give you regular updates on application progress


Our dedicated services allow you to obtain citizenship or residency in as little as three months. We invite you to contact us today for a detailed, free cost estimate.