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Belgium Residence Permit

Non-EU citizens comprising of investors, and entrepreneurs have an opportunity to have Belgium resident status and after five years receive citizenship (EU Passport).


Belgium Permanent Residency

There are various reasons why anyone would like a citizenship or residency in Belgium including marriage. Nevertheless, is most of the residence applications business related.

In the European Union, Belgium is the simplest to obtain residency even though processing times could be lengthy. When applying for residency a language test must be passed in either German, Dutch or French.

Belgium authorities approve permits which are subject to stringent scrutiny, that is why prepared documentation is vital to pass the examination. It would be easy to obtain spousal and dependents residency once the main applicant is approved. Upon approval, a new Belgium resident can work and live in the Schengen Zone and European Union if he chooses.

  • Belgium Citizenship

Owning Belgium passport might be what you desire most as a country with a stable legal and financial standing in the European Union. After a five-year period, citizenship can be obtained without the initial stringent conditions to get residency permits. It remains essential that you use professionals like us to assist you with procedural matters and administrative consultation regarding business opportunities, taxation and application itself.

  • Visa-free Travel

Belgium residents do not need visas to enter the Schengen zone or any EU country. After citizenship s obtained a larger number of admissions are allowed regarding traveling to other countries without a visa.

  • Personal taxation

We offer advanced tax planning to individuals with Belgium residency could have tax implications and you want to avoid double taxation. The advantage is the 80 plus countries that Belgium has treaties with to make personal taxation simple.

This is an advantage as the resident are not subject to obligatory permanent stay and work in Belgium itself. Irrespective of where the new resident stays must he maintain an official Belgium address either through ownership or rental of a property and paying bills. Residence permits are issued annually for the first three years, after which permits could be indefinite.

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