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Cheapest Citizenship by Investment 2018

Tuesday May 14th, 2013
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Globalization allows more people to move from their home country than previous years. This includes the ability to move freely in Europe, employment and business opportunities, better education and many more. Owning a second passport allows wealthy investors a wealth of opportunities without restrictions. Citizenship by investment programs obviously has its formalities and restrictions with stringent qualifying but with professional help, investors have a second passport in a few short months.

When looking at the country with the cheapest overall citizenship by investment 2018 you could invest in:


To gain citizenship in Guatemala investors only need a minimum of $50, 000 which is the world’s cheapest. With a Guatemala passport, a citizenship is granted after 8 months while investors have access to 116 countries including the EU, UK, and Russia. Massive benefits that come with one of Latin America’s strongest economies and having Central America’s strongest economy.


Here individual applicants only pay an investment of $100, 000, making it one of the cheapest while having all the benefits of a second passport. Compared to other EU countries it is also very fast to gain your EU passport through investment. With Dominica, a member of CARICOM an investor has the benefits of freely moving through the 20 nations of the Schengen area too. This includes the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, Belize, Barbados, and Antigua and Barbuda.


Greece is a 2018 cheap option probably due to its previous financial crisis. This same financial difficulty that swept through the historic and beautiful Greece allows investors to gain the cheapest citizenship by investment. As part of the EU, the government allows a passport at a low €95,000 still giving a second passport holder free access to all EU countries. A golden visa with all its benefits in three months only.

Antigua and Barbuda

Gain citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda for as little as $200, 000 while having access to Schengen Areas, the EU, and various other countries including Latin America, Southern Africa, Far East and Canada.


To gain a passport in Malta requires only €1.1 million allowing investors to not only move freely throughout the EU but also be a British Commonwealth member. Even though the UK works at leaving the European Union, an investor with a Maltese passport have full access to Britain, including the ability to work and live. At the same time have full access to any EU country. Citizenship takes a year after investment, but a worthy option.


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