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Citizenship by Investment Updates for 2018

Thursday April 19th, 2018
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Citizenship by investment and golden visa permits change as the migration industry grows. With the continuous growth in immigration permits and programs are reviewed and updates. Government economies and natural disasters make immigration more affordable and easier to obtain.

Updates for 2018:

Dominica keeps it investment amount the same but changed the process by cutting naturalisation, processing and due diligence fees per application. Dependent’s age limits are also increased.

St. Lucia removed the minimum $3 million asset requirement as well as the number of applications. The current qualifying investment is now only $165, 000 per family and $100, 000 to the National Economic Fund

Antigua and Barbuda cut down its investment amount by half the amount towards the end of 2017. The current amount is now $100, 000 after the Hurricane destroyed much of Barbuda. The business and real estate investment processing fee is also cut down to $50, 000 in Antigua.

St Kitts and Nevis sliced their investment requirement down to $150, 000 in September 2017.

Grenada increased their dependent age limit in both grandparents and dependent. Grandparents are now between ages 55 to 65 while dependent children are between 25 and 30.  A change was also brought to the investment contribution to lowering it to $150, 000 per applicant while real estate and family options remained unchanged.

Italy focuses on startup business growth with the 500, 000 new golden visa programs.

The Netherlands introduced a 1, 250, 000-euro business investment opportunity which is their golden visa opportunity that excludes private or real estate investment.

The investor’s program for Ireland changed to a million-euro investment into a business with a three-year commitment.

The 2 million pounds Tier one investor’s programs from the UK remains popular with the UK having granted until end 2017, 3, 428 visas.

Greece reported over 1600 issued visas with over 1.5 billion golden visa investments gained while it keeps investment at a low $250, 000 property investment.

The Portuguese real estate investment in 2017 reached 3 billion

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