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Citizenship By Investment Consultancy

European countries offer citizenship by investment to non-EU residents through various investment opportunities. The different EU passport by investment opportunities is set by the different governments, with each one varying from the other.

The different countries and programs have significant differences that relate to citizenship and multiple passports, minimum stay, permanent residency, family qualification and levels of investment. There are a large number of factors to consider when obtaining a second passport by investment. The number of investment types are also something that requires in-depth knowledge, something Lexlegal Global has no shortage off.

Lexlegal Global are Experts in Second Citizenship by Investment

Just as many different investment levels you get do you have the different reasons why our clients want another visa. This includes building a legacy for the future generation, family education, personal insurance, asset security, freedom to travel and more. At the same time does a client want all those benefits but combined with the best investment solution to have financial return and increased security.

The basic grounds of citizenship in most cases descends to dependents and spouse with these privileges varying from different countries. Aside from a thorough background check and certain conditions that must be met, and these are all factors we assist you with.

The investment immigration countries by investment that we cover include Malta, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Malta, Dominica, UK, Portugal, St Lucia. We work with you depending on personal preference and requirements investigating which investment option works better for you in the desired country. From initial consulting to the implementation of the chosen investment program we maintain our relationship with you.

We are in the position to offer you various investment programs while continuously advising and monitoring your situation. With full knowledge and having the international legal expertise to assist you regardless of chosen EU country, Lexlegal Global invites you to talk to us when you consider citizenship by investment.

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