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Immigration Consultancy to Expedite Proceedings

To answer why anyone would need immigration consultancy, we point out several EU countries and shortly what the main requirements are.

Better living conditions, pursuing a degree or following jobs opportunities are among the important reasons why individuals choose to immigrate to a foreign country.

It is a difficult process in most instances with the easiest countries in Europe to immigrate to, being those with simple and quick procedures to obtain residence permits and following citizenship.

Other factors to consider is attractive employment conditions and an approachable tax system.

Some of the European countries with easy relocation rules include the United Kingdom. Even though plans are for the UK to leave the European union it remains an attractive country for wealthy individuals who look for work and travel opportunities across the EU nations.

Greece is one of the cheapest and easiest to gain access to with an application to gain Greek residency through investment. Another is the Mediterranean island of Cyprus whose immigration laws require a property investment of 300, 000 euros.

Monaco immigrants can travel visa free to EU countries and residents are not subject to wealth, capital gains or income tax. While the United Kingdom is not a cheap option for immigrants it remains an incredibly attractive country with excellent private schooling and many benefits aimed at wealthy families.

Spain also offer a resident permit through investment in property valued at 500, 000 euros or a two-million-euro investment into the government debt relief fund. Immigrants to Malta find the low tax rates and cheap investment enticing with only 275, 00 euros property investment. Portugal requires immigrants to invest in property worth 500, 000 euros or one million euros transferred to a bank in the country.

The country with the highest number of foreign nationals who immigrated to EU countries currently is Germany with United Kingdom second. They are followed by Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, etc.

Our team of immigration experts and immigration solicitors are registered with the EU countries Immigration Regulatory Authorities. Immigration laws and rules apply, and we continue to assist you with immigration consultancy that covers all queries, documentation preparation and laws and requirements to EU countries to expedite proceedings.

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