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New Regulation for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Thursday October 11th, 2018
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With the revised citizenship by investment programs recently more foreign nationals are looking at becoming an EU citizen via Turkish citizenship. The desire to travel freely remains a priority and investors continue to look for the cheapest option while obtaining a hassle-free and affordable option too. -Turkish Citizenship by Investment-

Why Invest in Turkey?

  • Turkey has the thirteenth largest economy in the world – in 2017 the economy boomed to an impressive USD 851 billion, which is triple the amount of USD 231 totalling n 2002. Growth over annum is a stable 5.8 percent.
  • Nearly one million university graduates which consist of a multi-cultural, young and dynamic population with half of the population under age of 31 years
  • It has a strategic location for managing businesses, export and manufacturing with access to over 1.7 billion customers in North Africa, Middle East, Eurasia and Europe
  • Excellent connectivity with vital markets via air, sea, rail and road
  • Turkish airlines connect to over 148 countries and 250 destinations
  • Turkey has a population of 81 million and still rising with the largest youth population when you compare it with EU
  • Largest domestic market with 38 million international travellers during 2017 193 million airline passengers visiting Turkey too
  • Taxes and incentives are low with corporate income taxes at twenty percent with incentives set in place for regional, large-scale and strategic investments

What Does the New Regulations of Turkish Investment Require?

  • Invest a low $500,000
  • Acquire property of only $250,000
  • Employ only 50 Turkish nationals

These requirements either by depositing money into a Turkish bank or acquiring property needs to remain in place for a three-year period.

Required Documentation to Apply for Turkish Citizenship

We assist all individuals in applying for Turkish Citizenship and making it easy for you to apply. The following documentation is required:

  • Residence permit
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport photos
  • Valid passport
  • Medical certificate to prove good physical and mental health
  • Turkish language abilities
  • When applicable documentation to prove children’s and spouse’s relationships

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