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Property Consultancy for Citizenship

Top countries lure investors to participate in the property by investment programs.
We are proud of having a huge real estate property network.

Lexlegal Global works with partnership who are  the experts in real estate property.  There are investment types of property we cover include Villas, Townhouses, Plots, Commercial property, apartments, timeshare. Some of our most prominent countries you might like to look at for top property and prices include Cyprus, Antigua and Barbuda, Malta, Portugal and Spain.

We are the experts in golden visa citizenship and residency and know which countries only allow citizenship through government bonds or other investment types. It is vital that you know which citizenship by investment program is suitable for you and your family. Making a sound investment and obtaining the best advice are what we stand for.

Programs differ from one country to the next and while investigating the qualifications, investment levels, citizenship and more, Lexlegal Global also looks at the end result making your choice a financially sound and profitable choice.

EU countries understand that wealthy investors love this method of gaining citizenship by property investment. It is a win-win situation when following the right procedure and take the best deals and choose the best property too. It is a lucrative method to gain visa-free travel, an investment property while having the security of making a great deal.

Top countries lure investors to participate in the property by investment programs. This includes one of the first which is St Kitts. Other countries like Portugal demand more than a property investment to gain citizenship but also knowing the language to qualify for citizenship after a six-year period. We have the knowledge and expertise to give you sound advice in regard to every aspect involving property to gain citizenship.

The period you need to spend in a country while diversifying your portfolio and much more. Regardless of your needs, which EU country you want to invest in and looking for property, we can assist you throughout your property consultancy for citizenship.

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