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Spain Residence and Work Permit

Monday November 26th, 2018
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Spain has undergone some changes or new laws in order to attract quality labor and investors after the economic crisis. One of the most important of these laws is the law numbered 14/2013 issued in 2013 to support entrepreneurs, investors, and highly qualified workers to allow them to obtain a residence permit in Spain. This Law, called the Ley de Emprendedores”, facilitates the processes relatively easily and provided investors and senior employees with the right to work and receive residence in Spain. Read more about Spain Residence and Work Permit;

In this article, we cover the Top Qualified Employee status:

This type of study and residence permit is applicable to senior executives or university graduates who are offered a job in Spain. University graduates are required to have a master’s or doctoral degree from one of the well-known schools and this facilitates the issuance of permission. This type of permission is particularly appealing to large corporations who want to bring quality labor from the European Union, the European Economic Union or from outside Switzerland.

It is important that you receive a job offer from the following company profiles:

  • To be a big company or group company. A company with 250 employees is considered a large company
  • To be a strategic SME for the sector
  • To be a company serving general economic interests

The above-mentioned conditions are important and facilitate the obtaining of a work permit and session. However, regardless of the size of the company, university graduates can benefit from this type of permission. This option usually requires a master’s degree or doctorate degree.

If you received a job offer, the company must make the application. As a matter of fact, the signature of the company representative is requested in the application form. The application may be made to the so-called bulun Unidad de Grandes Empresas. From Spain, or from the country to the Consulate General of Spain. In the second option an individual need to enter Spain and get fingerprints from Spain and apply for the session card.

Submission of the following documents is very important when applying Spain Residence and Work Permit:

1. Company documents:

Since the company’s economic size is important, all documents related to the company must be submitted. The documents sought in practice are:

  • Company incorporation document
  • The identity of the company official who signed the application form and the power of attorney showing his / her authority in the company
  • Documents indicating that the company does not owe the Social Security Institution
  • Documents showing the number of employees of the company

2. Employee documents:

  • Business arrangement
  • Criminal record
  •  All diplomas showing the level of education
  • Resume
  • A job description that describes the work that the company will do in detail. This document should explain in detail why your company needs you and not a Spanish employee. It is useful to prepare this document with a qualified lawyer.

The application forms must be filled in correctly and the necessary taxes must be paid.

At this point I find it useful to give details. Although diplomas are important, the practice which is called the Large Companies and Strategic Collectives Unit (UGE-CE) considers the salary offered to the employee. Especially in the applications I have encountered in recent years, the ones who receive below 50.000-euro gross salary can be rejected. Legally, the salary of around 28,000 euros is considered enough, but in practice it is not so much, and much higher salaries are sought.

The advantage of this type of work and residence permit is that it is a very quick process. You must wait three months in other types of applications, while this type of permit will result in 20 business days. If the result is positive, in the next phase, at the foreigners’ office in Spain, fingerprints and card application should be made. The total process is 1-1.5 months.

The study and residence permit are granted for 2 years and renewed if necessary, when conditions are met at the end of two years.

You can also benefit from family reunification with this type of work permit and bring your spouse and children to Spain.

If you need more information about Spain Residence and Work Permit please contact us today for first free initial consultant.

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